You deserve the same top-quality materials and service that the pros use.  Here at SealMaster® South Texas, we take our small jobs just as seriously as the big ones. If you are looking to seal a driveway or any other area, we can provide you with contractor-grade materials and unsurpassed customer service at affordable prices.

Our professional consultants are here to help you get the most out of your SealMaster® investment. Come check out our showroom and learn more about how we can help you with your next home improvement.  Here are just a few examples of local customers who are happy with the service they received:


We have been so impressed with the Liquid Road material SealMaster® South Texas has been supplying to us for our sealcoat jobs that we wanted to express our appreciation in writing.


We have been in business 50 years using all kinds of different types of seal coat and have found your product to be the very best on the market.


Our largest project to date has been the prestigious Grand Harbor Subdivision on Lake Conroe, in Texas. The board members, as well as the residents, of Grand Harbor are extremely pleased with many of the features that the Liquid Road offers as well as the way it was installed. From the durability to the professional appearance, they plan to seal all their streets with this premium product. They were also impressed with SealMaster’s® Field Technician being present during the application to assure quality control.


I personally have been in search of a product that would be the best asphalt sealer. It is very important to me that it lasts a long time in order to protect our client’s investment. I believe that I have found it.


Every job that we bid since using this sealcoat has and will be SealMaster’s® Liquid Road.


Thank you,


– Dwain Vick

My name is Steve Galindo. My company, Texas Sealcoat & Striping has been in the parking lot business for more than 30 years. I am a firm believer, in order to give my customers a good job, you have to have a superior product to protect their asphalt parking lot. SealMaster® South Texas has always been our product supplier whether we are sealcoating, hot pour crack filling, prepping oil spots, or striping. SealMaster® South Texas has always supplied my company with top quality products and equipment.


– Steve Galindo