Let us show you the SealMaster® South Texas Advantage!
  • SealMaster® South Texas is one of the world’s largest producers of pavement sealers with over 500 million gallons applied worldwide.  In addition, SealMaster® South Texas is a leading producer of pavement repair products and equipment.


  • SealMaster BenefitsAs a nationally recognized manufacturing and distribution center, SealMaster® South Texas can provide unparalleled product availability, consistency and service right in your own backyard.


  • Our knowledgeable consultants can offer maintenance tips for year round care, to ensure you achieve the most out of your paving investment.


  • SealMaster’s® strong research and development has produced the industry’s most diverse product line with more choices and technologies to meet your unique pavement maintenance requirements and budgets.


  • Now, more than ever, we recognize the need to create environmentally-friendly “green” products for the paving industry. Government regulations at the state and city levels are increasingly banning coal tar sealers, which were once the norm. As a result, SealMaster’s® environmentally-neutral line of asphalt and acrylic-based sealers are quickly becoming the product of choice. Never compromising on quality, our “green” products provide outstanding performance and durability.