Preparation & Repair

To properly maintain a driveway or parking lot, it’s important to prepare the asphalt surface prior to sealcoating. After cleaning and filling the cracks, it’s necessary to clean and fill potholes. SealMaster® South Texas has you covered with PatchMaster™ premium cold patch. The industry standard for pothole repair, PatchMaster™ is the premium cold patch pothole patch with hot-mix performance. With specialty aggregate and advanced binders, PatchMaster™ sets up fast and firm in the pothole and can be applied in any weather.

SealMaster® South Texas offers a full line of oil spot primers for sealing oil, gas and grease spots on pavement, and high-quality asphalt emulsion tack coats for use in priming asphalt surfaces, prior to patching or resurfacing.

When the work is done, SealMaster® South Texas makes clean-up easy with our line of specialty cleaners designed for the removal of coal tar and asphalt pavement sealers from tools, equipment, vehicles and other surfaces.

Pothole Patch
  • PatchMaster™ – High Performance Pothole Patch

Oil Spot Primers
  • Petro Seal™ – Concentrated Oil Spot Primer
  • Prep Seal™ – Ready To Use Oil Spot Primer

  • Asphalt Binder Plus™
  • Asphalt Binder™

Tar & Sealer Clean-up Products
  • TarBuster™
  • Tarpedo™
  • MasterFlo™